In-Vacuum Individual leads (female / male socket fitted)

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In-Vacuum Individual leads (female / male socket fitted)








In-Vacuum Individual leads (female / male socket fitted)

Contact to cable leads are single instrumentation or 50 Ohm coaxial, Kapton® insulated wires terminated one end with gold plated female sockets that mate with feedthroughs shown on the previous page. Opposite ends have no termination. These leads are ideally suited for applications where subminiature D connectors are not required.

For proper heat dissipation a maximum of 20% of the pins on a feedthrough may carry the maximum current at any one time.

Male versions are also available, please contact sales office for details.

 Kapton® insulated wires.
UHV compatible. 
Custom lengths available.
Voltage1  :  500VDC max.
Current :  5A max @ 20°C

     Conductors :  Silver plated copper
     Insulation  : Type F Kapton®
Temperature Range2 : -75°C to 250°C
1 - Please see section introduction for safety information. 
2 - Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.

Product CodeConnectionsLengthPriceQuantityPDF & STP
DL-INSTR-F500 Instr. - Female 500 £10
    DL-INSTR-F1000 Instr. - Female 1000 £12
      DL-COAX-F500 Coax. - Female 500 £91
        DL-COAX-F1000 Coax. - Female 1000 £104
          DL-COAX-M500 Coax. - Male500 £91
            DL-COAX-M1000 Coax. - Male 1000 £104
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