Mil-C-26482 Circular 19 Pin UHV Connectors


Mil-C-26482 Circular 19 Pin UHV Connectors



Mil-C-26482 Circular 19 Pin UHV Connectors

PEEK Mil-C-26482 type 19 pin  connectors. The female connector mates directly onto the vacuum side of the MIL-C-24682 feedthroughs. It is locked into place with a single captured retaining screw. Order contact pins or sockets seperately.

 Mil-C-26482 type.
 19 pin configuration.
 High temperature rated to 250°C.
 PEEK connector with locking screws.
Voltage1  :  500VDC max
Current1  :  5A max @ 20°C
      Pin  :  Gold plated Ni-Fe alloy
      In-vacuum connector3  :  PEEK
Temperature Range2
      Vacuum side connector -200°C to 250°C
Max. Thermal Gradient  :  25°C / minute
Max Vacuum Level  :  1x10-10 Torr
RohS compliant  :  Yes

PLEASE NOTE : Pins and sockets are sold in packs of 10 pieces, therefore 2 packs required to fully populate a 19 pin connector.

1 - Please see section introduction for safety information. Stated electrical ratings are maximum test values. Feedthroughs are
intended for instrumentation applications carrying low level signal voltages and currents.
2 - Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.
3 - PEEK is a polyetheretherketone thermoplastic.

Product CodeMaterialConnector type / Dims.Pack Qty.PriceQuantityPDF & STP
C19-PCMPEEK Male / Ø24.9 x 19.61 £139
C19-PCFPEEKFemale / Ø24.9 x 28.51 £139
C19-VPINF-10 Ag plated Cu Female pins 20-24AWG 10 £23
C19-VPINLF-10 Ag plated Cu Female pins 26-30AWG 10 £23
C19-VPINM-10 Ag plated Cu Male pins 20-24AWG 10 £23
C19-VPINLM-10 Ag plated Cu Male pins 26-30AWG 10 £23
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