Precision X-Y-Z Manipulator Stages DN63CF Flanges


Precision X-Y-Z Manipulator Stages DN63CF Flanges



Precision X-Y-Z Manipulator Stages DN63CF Flanges

This range of precision XYZ manipulators is in our opinion, the best value for money manipulator on the market today. In terms of features, quality, possible configurations and cost, they set the standard.
Standard features and benefits include;
 Adjustable, crossed roller bearings for extra rigidity,
 Bellows ID of 72.9mm (2.87”) giving ±12.7mm (½”) or ±25.4mm (1”) movement in a circular pattern.
 Compact, rugged design with full Z axis frame provides extra rigidity to allow strokes to 914mm (36”). No flimsy, unsupported guide rods!
 Tilting top flange; 2° tilt angle.

These manipulators can be in-the-field converted to stepper motor actuation in 15 minutes. All models are pre-threaded for limit switches. In-the-field conversion to tilting top flange is also possible.
Standard specifications are shown here, special versions can be made to suit your individual requirements.
Please contact our sales office for further information.


Bellow & flanges : Stainless steel

Mounting brackets :  Anodised Aluminium
Bearings : Stainless steel

With small micrometers (standard) : >12.5µm
X & Y With large micrometers : >2.5µm
Z  With large micrometers : >25µm
X & Y With small micrometers (standard) >5µm
X & Y with large micrometers >1.25µm
Z With large micrometers >12.5µm

Vacuum Range : atm to 1×10-11mbar

Temperature Range*: -20 to 210°C
* – Assembly rating must be reduced to that of lowest rated component

Tapped holes in top flange, Clearance holes in bottom flange.
 Alternative base flange sizes, DN100CF, DN160CF & DN200CF.
 Large micrometers.
 Stepper motor actuation.
 Horizontal mount kit.

Product CodeTop flangeBase FlangeX Y travelStrokePriceQuantityPDF & STP
M-XYZ-12-101-63CF DN63CFDN63CF±12.7 101.6 P.O.A
M-XYZ-12-152-63CF DN63CFDN63CF±12.7 152.4 P.O.A
M-XYZ-12-203-63CF DN63CFDN63CF±12.7 203.2 P.O.A
    M-XYZ-12-254-63CF DN63CFDN63CF±12.7 254.0 P.O.A
      M-XYZ-12-304-63CF DN63CFDN63CF±12.7 304.8 P.O.A
        M-XYZ-12-406-63CF DN63CFDN63CF±12.7 406.4 P.O.A
        M-XYZ-12-508-63CF DN63CFDN63CF±12.7 508.0 P.O.A
          M-XYZ-12-609-63CF DN63CFDN63CF±12.7 609.6 P.O.A
            M-XYZ-25-101-63CF DN63CFDN63CF ±25.4101.6 P.O.A
              M-XYZ-25-152-63CF DN63CFDN63CF ±25.4 152.4 P.O.A
                M-XYZ-25-203-63CF DN63CFDN63CF ±25.4 203.2 P.O.A
                  M-XYZ-25-254-63CF DN63CFDN63CF ±25.4 254.0 P.O.A
                    M-XYZ-25-304-63CF DN63CFDN63CF ±25.4 304.8 P.O.A
                      M-XYZ-25-406-63CF DN63CFDN63CF ±25.4 406.4 P.O.A
                        M-XYZ-25-508-63CF DN63CFDN63CF ±25.4 508.0 P.O.A
                          M-XYZ-25-609-63CF DN63CFDN63CF ±25.4 609.6 P.O.A
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