Hexapod Port Aligners


Hexapod Port Aligners



Hexapod Port Aligners

This port aligner has six alignment screws instead of the usual three. Left/right threaded hexnuts allow for angular, linear and lateral (off axis) adjustment. The alignment screws are equipped with pivot mounts on both ends. The hexagonal geometry adds additional sturdyness. The bellows allows the flanges to tilt ± 5 degrees, total. This makes for easy alignment of long devices like magnetic introduction and sample transfer rods.

Flanges & Bellows : Stainless steel

Vacuum Range : atm to 1×10-11mbar

Temperature Range*: -20 to 210°C
* – Assembly rating must be reduced to that of lowest rated component

Product CodeDescriptionPriceQuantityPDF & STP
M-PA-40CF-HEX HEXAPOD PORT ALIGNER DN40CF ANGULAR +/-5° LATERAL +/-5mm MOVEMENT L=90mm +/-5mm, ID=38mm, D=106.5mm P.O.A
M-PA-63CF-HEX HEXAPOD PORT ALIGNER DN63CF ANGULAR +/-5° LATERAL +/-5mm MOVEMENT L=110mm +/-5mm, ID=65mm, D=150.0mm P.O.A
M-PA-100CF-HEX HEXAPOD PORT ALIGNER DN100CF ANGULAR +/-5° LATERAL +/-5mm MOVEMENT L=120mm +/-5mm, ID=102mm, D=201.0mm P.O.A
M-PA-160CF-HEX HEXAPOD PORT ALIGNER DN160CF ANGULAR +/-5° LATERAL +/-3mm MOVEMENT L=105mm +/-5mm, ID=1507mm, D=262.0mm P.O.A
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