In Vacuum Subminiature 9 Pin C Type Cables


In Vacuum Subminiature 9 Pin C Type Cables



In Vacuum Subminiature 9 Pin C Type Cables

UHV Cable Assemblies
In-vacuum cables for C type feedthroughs are available in two configurations: Round cable assemblies consisting of 9 wires bound with PEEK braid into a round bundle and fitted with PEEK C connector, or ribbon cable assemblies consisting of 9 wires woven into a flat ribbon using a PEEK weave thread and fitted with PEEK connector. Both types are  supplied as standard with connector fitted one end and the opposite end being non terminated. Round cables are colour coded for ease of identification.
Both round and ribbon cables are also available fitted with female crimp connectors (without PEEK housing) one  end with the opposite end not terminated. These cables will not allow subsequent fitting of connector as wire  must be threaded through connector back prior to crimping contacts.
Extension cables, with female PEEK connector fitted both ends are also available in both round and ribbon type cables.

9 wire, 7 x 0.127mm (28AWG) configuration, either round or ribbon.
PEEK braid outer or weave.
UHV compatible.
Custom lengths available.

Voltage1  :  600VAC, 2kVDC max
Current1  :  2A
        Conductors  :  Silver plated copper.
        Insulation  :  Type F Kapton® film
        Braid / weave  :  PEEK
        In-vacuum connector3  :  PEEK
Temperature Range2  :  -75°C to 250°C
Kapton® Properties
        Dielectric constant  :  2.9
        Dielectric strength  :  80kV/mm
        Dissipation factor, 1MHz  :  0.002
        Initial tear  :  13.4kg/mm
        Elongation  :  50%
        Moisture absorbtion :  0.4% @ 50% RH
        Radiation resistance :  109 Rads

1 – Please see section introduction for safety information. Stated electrical ratings are maximum test values.
Feedthroughs are intended for instrumentation applications carrying low level signal voltages and currents.
2 – Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.
3 – PEEK is a polyetheretherketone thermoplastic.

Ceramic in vacuum connectors are also available, please contact sales office for details.

Product CodeLength (mm)Cable TypeConnector TypePriceQuantityPDF & STP
C9-VCF500500RoundFemale £148
C9-VCF1000 1000RoundFemale £176
C9-CXFF500500Round Female / Female £258
C9-VCM500500Round Male £148
C9-VCM1000 1000Round Male £176
C9-VCFP500500Round Female pins only £46
    C9-VCFP1000 1000Round Female pins only £74
      C9-VCMP500500Round Male pins only £46
        C9-VCMP1000 1000Round Male pins only £74
          C9R-F500500 RibbonFemale £161
          C9R-F1000 1000 RibbonFemale £204
          C9RX-FF500500 Ribbon Female / Female £278
          C9R-M500500 Ribbon Male £161
          C9R-M1000 1000 Ribbon Male £204
          C9RL-F500500 Ribbon Female pins only £62
            C9RL-F1000 1000 Ribbon Female pins only £103
              C9RL-M500500 Ribbon Male pins only £62
                C9RL-M1000 1000 Ribbon Male pins only £103
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