Mil-C-26482 Circular 19 Pin Cables & Connectors – Air Service


Mil-C-26482 Circular 19 Pin Cables & Connectors – Air Service



Air-service Cable Assemblies & Connectors

Connector to cable air-service round cable assemblies are fitted with an aluminium shell, with electroplated nickel finish, Mil-C-26482 19 pin female connector at one end. The cables are 24AWG  stranded tinned copper conductors. The non-terminated end has 20 colour coded PVC insulated wires. One wire is not connected to the Mil-C-26482 connector and is available for grounding or other purposes. The conductors are shielded with an aluminium polyester foil shield wrap and a 0.97mm grey PVC jacket. The cable is rated at 300V, 80°C and 24AWG.

 Mil-C-26482 type.
 19 pin configuration.

Voltage1  :  300VDC max
Current1  :  5A max @ 20°C
      Cable  :  24AWG stranded tinned copper conductors.
Temperature Range2
      Vacuum side connector -200°C to 250°C

PLEASE NOTE : Pins and sockets are sold in packs of 10 pieces, therefore 2 packs required to fully populate a 19 pin connector.

1 - Please see section introduction for safety information. Stated electrical ratings are maximum test values. Feedthroughs are
intended for instrumentation applications carrying low level signal voltages and currents.
2 - Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.

Product CodeLengthCable TypeConnector TypePriceQuantityPDF & STP
C19-AC1200120019 x 7x0.2 Female straight £134
C19-AC2500 240019 x 7x0.2 Female straight £151
C19-AIR n/a n/a Female straight £59
C19-AIR-90 n/a n/a Female 90° £80
C19-APINF-10 n/a n/a Female pins 20-24AWG 10 pins per pack £23
C19-APINM-10 n/a n/a Male pins 20-24AWG 10 pins per pack £23
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