Air Side Cables – To Bare Wire Ends


Air Side Cables – To Bare Wire Ends








Air Side Cables – To Bare Wire Ends

Subminiature D coaxial connector to cable assemblies are pre-wired with 2.5m long RG174/U coaxial cables and are non terminated at one end. The single coaxial D connector to cable assemblies also include a 2.5m long, conductor data cable with 4.6mm diameter PVC cable jacket and aluminium-mylar foil shielding with a 24AWG tinned copper drain wire. The individual conductors are PVC insulated 24AWG, 7 x 0.2mm stranded, tinned copper wires.

For proper heat dissipation a maximum of 20% of the pins on a feedthrough may carry the maximum current at any one time.

 PVC insulated wires.
Composite  connectors one end, bare wires other end.
Custom lengths available.
Voltage1  :  500VDC max.
Current :  5A max @ 20°C

     Conductors :  Silver plated copper
     Insulation  : PVC
       Connector : Composite 
Temperature Range2 :  to 80°C
1 - Please see section introduction for safety information. 
2 - Assembly rating is reduced to that of the lowest rated component.

Product CodeConnectionsLengthConnector SizePriceQuantityPDF & STP
D9-CX14I-A2500 1 Coax. / 4 Instr. 250035.6x19.1x53.3 £105
    D15-CX3-A2500 3 Coax. 2500 43.2x19.1x53.4 £195
      D25-CX5-A2500 5 Coax.2500 58.4x19.1x55.9 £325
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