Air Service Subminiature 9 Pin C Type Cables


Air Service Subminiature 9 Pin C Type Cables



Air Service Subminiature 9 Pin C Type Cables

Connector to cable air-service round cable assemblies are fitted with a Delrin® subminiature C female connector at one end and non terminated nine PVC insulated wires on the other. The female cable connectors mate directly onto the air side of 9 pin subminiature C type feedthroughs.
The cable jacket is grey PVC with a nominal diameter of 5.8mm. The 9 wires are 24AWG tinned copper conductors, stranded 7 x 0.203mm. Shielding is aluminium / Mylar® foil with 24AWG tinned copper drain wire.

Stated electrical ratings are maximum test values. Feedthroughs are intended for instrumentation applications carrying low level signal voltages and currents.

For proper heat dissipation a maximum of 20% of the pins on a feedthrough may carry the maximum current at any one time.

9 wire, 24AWG
Custom lengths available.

Voltage  :  Signal
Current  :  Signal
        Conductors  :  Tinned 24AWG copper.
        Insulation  :  PVC
        Braid  :  Mylar® foil & tinned copper wire
Temperature Range  :  -75°C to 80°C

Product CodeLength (mm)Cable TypeConnector TypePriceQuantityPDF & STP
C9-AC1200 1200 9 x 7x0.2mmFemale £105
C9-AC2000 2000 9 x 7x0.2mmFemale £114
C9-AC2500 24009 x 7x0.2mmFemale £114
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