Tapped Flange Adapters

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Tapped Flange Adapters




Tapped Flange Adapters

The tapped flange adapter is a straight connector with one fixed and one rotatable flange and a minimum length to allow the mating of two tapped flanges. The adapter is supplied complete with studs, nuts and washers. Studs are inserted into each tapped flange before placing the adapter between the flanges.

Flanges 304L stainless steel as standard.
Clearance bolt holes.
One fixed, one rotatable flange.
Metal or Viton® seals.
Custom lengths and tube sizes available on request.

Flanges : 304L St.St. (316L & 316LN also available)
Gaskets : OF copper, Viton® or nickel
Temperature Range : Using copper gaskets -200°C to 450°C
                               Using Viton® gaskets -20°C to 150°C (200°C*)
Vacuum Range :  To below 1 x 10-13 Torr
* – Increased upper limit for intermittent use

Product CodeFlangeBoreLPriceQuantityPDF & STP
FL-TFA-16 DN16CF 16.0 44.5 £93
FL-TFA-40 DN40CF 38.0 58.5 £124
FL-TFA-63 DN63CF 66.0 67.2 £234
FL-TFA-100 DN100CF 102.0 76.5 £377
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