Precision Tilt Port Aligners

Precision tilt

Precision Tilt Port Aligners



Precision Tilt Port Aligners

Often a probe or other device mounted on a chamber flange is not precisely aligned with a specified point inside the chamber. This can be due to the mass on the end bending the device and/or inaccuracies of chamber port alignments. Using a precision tilt port aligner mounted between the device and the chamber port, this problem can be easily and accurately overcome.
Our range of precision tilt port aligners are the finest 2-axis tilt stages available. From the self lubricating pivot bearings to the rugged construction, everything speaks of quality.
These aligners have the shortest overall height of any similar gimbal on the market. The clear inside diameter is the largest possible to clear obstructions and tilt angle is greater. Motorized and extra heavy duty versions are also available.
Tilt port aligners are offered in 5 standard sizes, ranging from DN40CF to DN200CF. Custom sizes are also available. All versions are fully bakeable to 210°C.
Tilt port aligners with DN63CF and larger flanges use welded bellows. This further minimizes the overall height and provides maximum clear ID, without increasing the cost. All of the tilt port aligners have a total angular movement of 20° (±10°) in both axes.
Standard specifications are shown here, special versions can be made to suit your individual requirements.
Please contact our sales office for further information.

Bellows included.
±10° tilt in both axes.
Tilt position lock.
Precision micrometer adjustment.
Extra large bore for maximum clearance.
Self lubricating bearings.
Short length..


Flanges & Bellows : Stainless steel

Mounting brackets :  Anodised aluminium

Vacuum Range : atm to 1×10-11mbar

Temperature Range*: -20 to 210°C
* – Assembly rating must be reduced to that of lowest rated component

Product CodeFlangesIDPriceQuantityPDF & STP
M-TPA-40CF DN40CF 38.1 P.O.A
M-TPA-63CF DN63CF 73.4 P.O.A
M-TPA-100CF DN100CF 102.8 P.O.A
M-TPA-160CF DN160CF 153.6 P.O.A
M-TPA-200CF DN200CF 204.4 P.O.A
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