UHV In-Vacuum Stepper Motors

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UHV In-Vacuum Stepper Motors



Fourth Generation Hybrid UHV Stepper Motors

AML stepper motors are specifically designed for use in UHV environments making them ideally suited for low speed precision in-vacuum manipulation without the use of particle generating motion feedthroughs. The considerable reduction in mechanical complexity, absence of metal to metal sliding surfaces and low outgassing characteristics make these motors especially suitable for sensitive handling applications.The model D motors are two phase hybrid stepper motors, available in a range of standard sizes and torque ratings. Standard motors provide 200 full steps per revolution and are suitable for use between -65°C to +190°C. Extended low temperature range (-196°C) versions, radiation hard versions (1 x 107 Gy), shaft modifications and hybrid bearings are all available options.
All motors are designed, cleaned and hand assembled to UHV standards in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.


1.8° step angle
UHV compatible materials, suitable for use below 1 x 10-10 mbar.
Bakeable to 200°C.
Embedded K type thermocouple
Operating temperature -65°C to 190°C.*
Continuous in-vacuum operation with M-SMD2 controller.
Long life bearings with very low particulate generation.
Custom / Radiation hard versions available.
Shaft modifications available.


Standard motors are fitted with open stainless steel bearings lubricated with NyeTorr® 6300 UHV grease.
Option ‘H’ motors have hybrid bearings with silicon nitride ceramic balls, dry lubricated with molybdenum disulfide.


H – Hybrid ceramic bearings
R – Radiation hardened to 1 x 107 Gy
P – PT100
X – Shaft modification. Please provide a sketch of your requirement
C – Cryogenic. Extended operating temperature range. -196°C to +190°C

Please call our sales office to discuss your requirement for motor options.

* – Assembly rating must be reduced to that of lowest rated component

Product CodeFig.DescriptionPriceQuantityPDF & STP
M-D35.1 1 UHV STEPPER MOTOR, 75mNm £680
M-D42.1 2 UHV STEPPER MOTOR, 250mNm £676
M-D42.2 2 UHV STEPPER MOTOR, 500mNm £760
M-D42.3 2 UHV STEPPER MOTOR, 550mNm £860
M-D57.1 3 UHV STEPPER MOTOR, 1000mNm £1,034
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