Standard Port Aligners

port aligner

Standard Port Aligners



Standard Port Aligners

Sometimes a port on the vacuum chamber just doesn’t quite point where it should. The MPA’ port aligner solves this with two UHV flanges connected by a short section of welded bellows and a sturdy clamping mechanism. The bellows allows the flanges to tilt ± 1 degrees, total. This makes for easy alignment of long devices like magnetic introduction and sample transfer rods. An arc of 2 degrees subtends a chordal distance of more than 25mm (1”) at a distance of 750mm (30”), giving lots of adjustment range.


Flanges & Bellows : Stainless steel

Clamping brackets :  Anodised aluminium

Vacuum Range : atm to 1×10-11mbar

Temperature Range*: -20 to 210°C
* – Assembly rating must be reduced to that of lowest rated component

Product CodeFlangesIDODAPriceQuantityPDF & STP
M-PA-40CF DN40CF 38.1 108.0 44.5 P.O.A
M-PA-63CF DN63CF 72.8 146.1 66.8 P.O.A
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