UHV Kapton® Film


UHV Kapton® Film



UHV Kapton® Film

LewVac Kapton® film is ideally suited for electrically insulating small parts within your vacuum system. Sold in strips (or larger pieces if required) it can be used in many applications to create an insulating barrier between different parts.
Larger sizes and alternative grades of Kapton® are available on request, please contact our sales office for further details.


UHV compatible.
High temperature rated to 250°C.
Kapton® type HN insulating film.

Dielectric constant : 3.4
Dielectric strength : 300kV/mm
Dissipation factor,1MHz : 0.0018
Volume resistivity : 1018 Ω.cm
Initial tear : 20g/µm
Moisture absorbtion : 2.84% @ 50% RH

Radiation resistance : Good

Temperature Range : -270°C to 250°C

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A-KAPFILM HN0.125300 x 25 £11
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    × 2 Thermocouple Pairs, Miniature Connector, Types C, E, J & K
    Description: TC F/T TYPE K 2 PAIRS DN40CF (A/VSC) 1 x £171
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