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Macor® Ceramic

Macor® machinable glass ceramic can be easily worked using standard machining techniques, using tungsten carbide cutting tools.

Macor® can be used continually at 800°C and has a maximum bakeout temperature of 1000°C. Its coefficient of thermal expansion matches many metals and sealing glasses. It is non-wetting, exhibits zero porosity, and will not deform. It is an excellent insulator at high voltages, various frequencies and high temperatures. When properly baked out, Macor® does not outgas.

Product CodeFormDescriptionPriceQuantityPDF & STP
A-MR-10-300 Rod MACOR® ROD 10mm DIA L=300mm £98
    A-MR-15-300 Rod MACOR® ROD 15mm DIA L=300mm £106
      A-MR-16-305 Rod MACOR® ROD 16mm DIA L=305mm £114
        A-MR-17-305 Rod MACOR® ROD 17mm DIA L=305mm £129
          A-MR-25-300 Rod MACOR® ROD 25mm DIA L=300mm £218
            A-MR-51-300 Rod MACOR® ROD 51mm DIA L=300mm £669
            A-MB-12.7X12.7-50.8 Bar MACOR® BAR 12.7 X 12.7mm X 50.8mm LONG £41
            A-MB-12.7X12.7-76.2 Bar MACOR® BAR 12.7 X 12.7mm X 76.2mm LONG £61
            A-MB-12.7X12.7-152.4 Bar MACOR® BAR 12.7 X 12.7mm X 152.4mm LONG £123
            A-MB-12.7X12.7-300 Bar MACOR® BAR 12.7 X 12.7mm X 300mm LONG £156
            A-MS-6.35X50.8SQ Sheet MACOR® SHEET 6.35mm THICK, 50.8 X 50.8mm £117
            A-MS-6.35X101.6SQ Sheet MACOR® SHEET 6.35mm THICK, 101.6 X 101.6mm £321
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