DN250CF 304mm (12″) OD Flanges

DN250CF Family

DN250CF 304mm (12″) OD Flanges




DN250CF 304mm (12″) OD Flanges

304L stainless steel as standard.
316L & 316LN stainless steel available on request.
Metal or Viton® seals.
Tapped or clearance bolt holes.
Industry standard sizes, compatible with other ConFlat® style flanges.
US flange sizes also available.

Flanges : 304L St.St. (316L & 316LN also available)
Gaskets : OF copper, Viton® or nickel
Temperature Range : Using copper gaskets -200°C to 450°C
                               Using Viton® gaskets -20°C to 150°C (200°C*)
Bolt Fastening
Number of bolts : 32
Size : M8
Torque : 20Nm
Vacuum Range :  To below 1 x 10-13 Torr
* – Increased upper limit for intermittent use

PLEASE NOTE – Flanges are also available in 316L & 316LN stainless steel. Alternative bore sizes also available.
Please contact our sales office for further details.

For DN250CF flanges there are two popular sizes in use. LewVac flanges are compatible with most other manufacturers flanges with the exception of VG manufactured flanges.
LewVac flanges are manufactuired in accordance with ISO3669 and require gaskets with an OD of 272.87mm, our part code CG250-273-1.
Please do not hesitate to contact our sales office for further guidance

Product CodeTube ODFixed / RotatableBolt HoleFig. No.ABPriceQuantityPDF & STP
FL-250CF BlankFixed Clearance 1 - - £273
FL-250CF-254 254.0 Fixed Clearance 2 250.9 254.5 £273
FL-250CFT BlankFixed Tapped M81 - - P.O.A
FL-250CFT-254 254.0 Fixed Tapped M8 2 250.9 254.5 P.O.A
FL-250CFR Blank RotatableClearance 3 - - P.O.A
FL-250CFR-254 254.0 RotatableClearance 4 250.9 254.5 P.O.A
FL-250CFRT Blank Rotatable Tapped M8 3 - - P.O.A
FL-250CFRT-254 254.0 Rotatable Tapped M8 4 250.9 254.5 P.O.A
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