Stranded Core Coaxial Cable 50Ω – 2-30kVDC

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Stranded Core Coaxial Cable 50Ω – 2-30kVDC



UHV Kapton® Insulated Wires – Stranded Core Coaxial Cable 50Ω – 2-30kVDC

LewVac Kapton® insulated in-vacuum wiring is designed for high and ultrahigh vacuum environments and is bakeable to 250°C. All conductors and braided coaxial shields are constructed with silver plated copper wire. (Except cryogenic & thermocouple pair).
Insulation is a high mechanical strength Kapton® type F film that is applied and heat treated to minimise trapped gasses.
Multiconductor cables are available in either flat ribbon or circular configuration with an outer PEEK (polyetheretherketone) monofilament weave. Circular cable conductors are colour coded for ease of wiring. For non coded wires LewVac offers coloured glass identification beads in six easy to distinguish colours, see associated products for details.


UHV compatible construction.
High temperature rated to 250°C.
Kapton® type F insulating film.
Silver plated copper conductors.
Single, multi-strand and coaxial wires.
Ribbon cables.
Type K thermocouple wire.


Voltage : See tables
Current : See tables
Conductor : Silver plated copper
Insulation : Kapton® type F film
Kapton® Properties
Dielectric constant : 2.9
Dielectric strength : 80kV/mm
Dissipation factor,1MHz : 0.002
Initial tear : 13.4kg/mm
Moisture absorbtion : 0.4% @ 50% RH
Temperature Range : -75°C to 250°C

Product CodeVoltage / Current ratingConductorCore dia.ABCLength, (m)PriceQuantityPDF & STP
KAPWC7X0038 2kV / 0.5A Ag plt Cu7 x 0.038 1.27 1.04 0.74 5 £105
KAPWC7X010 2kV / 1.5A Ag plt Cu 7 x 0.1 1.70 1.47 1.19 5 £116
KAPWC7X0317 30kV / 9A Ag plt Cu 7 x 0.317 3.18 2.79 2.29 5 £216
KAPW50OHM 10kV / 3AAg plt Cu 7 x 0.15 2.27 1.99 1.535 £82
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