Vented Socket Countersunk Head Screws

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Vented Socket Countersunk Head Screws


Technical Specs

Vented Socket Countersunk Head Screws

When a screw is inserted into a blind tapped hole, a small pocket of gas will be trapped below the screw, this pocket of gas will give rise to a ‘virtual’ leak within your system. The use of vented screws will allow the pocket of gas to escape thus avoiding ‘virtual’ leaks.
LewVac offer a broad range of vented screws in many different styles and sizes. Just a small selection are listed here. If the style of screw or size that you require is not listed, please contact our sales office.


Supplied in packs of ten pieces.
304 stainless steel as standard.
316 stainless steel available on request.
UHV compatible.
Molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), tungsten disulphide (WS2), nickel (Ni) and silver (Ag) plating available on request.
Additional screw types and sizes available on request.

Product CodeThread SizeLength, mmPriceQuantityPDF & STP
A-VS-M2.5X4CSSM2.54.0 P.O.A
    A-VS-M2.5X5CSSM2.5 5.0 P.O.A
      A-VS-M2.5X6CSSM2.5 6.0 P.O.A
        A-VS-M2.5X8CSSM2.5 8.0 P.O.A
          A-VS-M2.5X10CSSM2.5 10.0 P.O.A
            A-VS-M3X6CSS M3 6.0 P.O.A
              A-VS-M3X8CSS M3 8.0 P.O.A
                A-VS-M3X10CSS M3 10.0 P.O.A
                  A-VS-M3X12CSS M3 12.0 P.O.A
                    A-VS-M3X16CSS M3 16.0 P.O.A
                      A-VS-M3X20CSS M3 20.0 P.O.A
                        A-VS-M3X25CSS M3 25.0 P.O.A
                          A-VS-M4X6CSS M4 6.0 P.O.A
                            A-VS-M4X7CSS M4 7.0 P.O.A
                              A-VS-M4X8CSS M4 8.0 P.O.A
                                A-VS-M4X10CSS M4 10.0 P.O.A
                                  A-VS-M4X12CSS M4 12.0 P.O.A
                                    A-VS-M4X16CSS M4 16.0 P.O.A
                                      A-VS-M4X20CSS M4 20.0 P.O.A
                                        A-VS-M4X25CSS M4 25.0 P.O.A
                                          A-VS-M4X30CSS M4 30.0 P.O.A
                                            A-VS-M4X35CSS M4 35.0 P.O.A
                                              A-VS-M5X8CSS M5 8.0 P.O.A
                                                A-VS-M5X10CSS M5 10.0 £11
                                                  A-VS-M5X12CSS M5 12.0 P.O.A
                                                    A-VS-M5X16CSS M5 16.0 £20
                                                      A-VS-M5X20CSS M5 20.0 P.O.A
                                                        A-VS-M5X25CSS M5 25.0 P.O.A
                                                          A-VS-M5X30CSS M5 30.0 P.O.A
                                                            A-VS-M6X8CSS M6 8.0 P.O.A
                                                              A-VS-M6X10CSS M6 10.0 P.O.A
                                                                A-VS-M6X12CSS M6 12.0 P.O.A
                                                                  A-VS-M6X16CSS M6 16.0 P.O.A
                                                                    A-VS-M6X20CSS M6 20.0 P.O.A
                                                                      A-VS-M6X25CSS M6 25.0 P.O.A
                                                                        A-VS-M6X30CSS M6 30.0 P.O.A
                                                                          A-VS-M6X35CSS M6 35.0 P.O.A
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