6 Way Cubes

CF Cube

6 Way Cubes



Technical Specs

6 Way Cubes

Flanges 304L stainless steel as standard.
316L & 316LN stainless steel available upon request.
Tapped bolt holes.
Metal or Viton® seals.

Please Note : To maximise component mounting options, some cubes may have bolt holes on adjacent faces that clash, requiring the use of shortened mounting bolts. For details of bolt hole patterns please contact our sales office.

Flanges : 304L St.St. (316L & 316LN also available)
Gaskets : OFE copper, Viton® or nickel
Temperature Range : Using copper gaskets -200°C to 450°C
                               Using Viton® gaskets -20°C to 150°C (200°C*)
Vacuum Range :  To below 1 x 10-13 Torr
* – Increased upper limit for intermittant use

Product CodeFlangeAPriceQuantityPDF & STP
FL-CUBE16CFDN16CF17.0 £149
FL-CUBE40CF DN40CF 35.1 £299
FL-CUBE63CF DN63CF 56.8 £775
FL-CUBE100CF DN100CF 75.7 £1,675
FL-CUBE160CF DN160CF 101.1 P.O.A
FL-CUBE200CF DN200CF 126.5 P.O.A
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