DN300CF** 14″ (356mm) OD Flanges

CF1400 Family

DN300CF** 14″ (356mm) OD Flanges




DN300CF** 14″ (356mm) OD Flanges

304L stainless steel as standard.
Metal or Viton® seals.
Imperial Tapped or clearance bolt holes.
Metric flange sizes also available.

Flanges : 304L St.St. (316L & 316LN also available)
Gaskets : OF copper, Viton® or nickel
Temperature Range : Using copper gaskets -200°C to 450°C
                               Using Viton® gaskets -20°C to 150°C (200°C*)
Bolt Fastening
Number of bolts : 30
Size : 3/8-24
Torque : 35Nm
Vacuum Range :  To below 1 x 10-13 Torr
* – Increased upper limit for intermittent use

** – Different manufacturers refer to different sizes as DN300CF, please check carefully the dimensions that you require.

*** – PLEASE NOTE: – No ISO standard exists for DN300CF flanges with 14″ (356mm) OD
Please do not hesitate to contact our sales office for further guidance.

Product CodeTube ODFixed / RotatableBolt HoleFig. No.ABPriceQuantityPDF & STP
FL-1400CF BlankFixedClearance1-- P.O.A
FL-1400-1200CF12" (304.8mm)FixedClearance 2 298.5 305.3 P.O.A
FL-1400CFT BlankFixed Tapped 3/8-241-- P.O.A
    FL-1400-1200CFT12" (304.8mm)Fixed Tapped 3/8-24 2 298.5 305.3 P.O.A
      FL-1400CFR Blank RotatableClearance 3-- P.O.A
        FL-1400-1200CFR12" (304.8mm) RotatableClearance 4 298.5 305.3 P.O.A
          FL-1400CFRT Blank Rotatable Tapped 3/8-24 3-- P.O.A
            FL-1400-1200CFRT12" (304.8mm) Rotatable Tapped 3/8-24 4 298.5 305.3 P.O.A
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