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Our ‘standard’ range of viewports are manufactured from optical quality 'Corning 7056' glass, in viewing diameters from 16mm to 140mm.   Viewports can be supplied in CF and ISO KF or LF flanges.


Specialist viewports are offered in various materials including:

· Fused Silica

· Quartz

· Sapphire

· Extended range viewports are supplied in a choice of different window materials:

· Zinc Selenide

· Magnesium Fluoride

· Calcium Fluoride

Other materials available on request.


LewVac can also offer a range of optical coatings to meet your specific requirements.


We can also supply lead glass screens and viewport shutters.



E-mail:          sales@lewvac.co.uk


Phone:          +44 (0)1444 233372


Fax:                +44 (0)1444 233392


We look forward to receiving your enquiries.

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