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LewVac offer a range of rotary and linear motion feedthroughs. Sealing methods offered are: elastomer, bellows, ferro-fluid and magnetically coupled providing solutions for many applications.

Our range of motion feedthroughs is supplemented by our range of in vacuum stepper motors and controllers.


Wobble Sticks


We can supply bellows sealed magnetically coupled wobble sticks to suit your application, with bespoke pincer grip design etc to maximize effectiveness within your system.


Magnetically coupled transfer arms


LewVac offer a range of magnetically coupled transfer arms in various sizes and configurations of linear and rotary motion to suit your application. LewVac are the UK & Ireland distributor for the Ferrovac GmbH. range of magnetically coupled motion devices.


SEMI MESC compatible load locks


LewVac offer a range of wafer handling load lock systems to suit a range of wafer transfer applications.



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